Excellence in Marine Surveying

Answers to often asked questions

What does a C3 Marine survey cost?

We do not generalize our survey fee by stating a specific price-per-foot or rate-per-hour.  Each boat is unique, even if it is a stock production built boat, and we are happy to provide a firm quote when we know more about the boat, it's location and the circumstances around the survey request.  Please feel free to call or email for a quote. 

Can I or do I need to be there while you're surveying the boat?

Some folks want to be present during the survey with the intention to learn things during the process.  While we welcome you to attend at any time, we're generally very quiet when working so as to avoid distraction and follow a routine methodology of inspection, working  through the boat.  We take many photos as the photos are the notes which are used to form the written report.  If possible, it is preferred to have you arrive in the early after-noon so you won't have to waste time while we're working through the mundane process.  We're typically mostly finished with the inspection when you arrive and then we can take as much time as you wish to discuss initial thoughts regarding the boat and answer any questions you may have.  

If you won’t be present for the survey, no problem.  we’ll call you after we're finished with the inspection and we can discus initial thoughts and findings as well as answer any questions at that time.  

I'm looking at buying a used boat, what are the steps?

Generally we are hired after you've negotiated a purchase offer with the owner/brokerage and the purchase is contingent on an acceptable marine survey.  That way you know you can buy the boat for an amount acceptable to you both.  After the survey is complete and you review the written report, you have three basic options:

  1. You buy the boat as agreed because there were no adverse findings in the survey report.  OR
  2. There were findings in the survey report that you were unaware of but you still are interested in the boat IF you can resolve those matters.  Therefore you may wish to renegotiate the buying price based on findings and recommendations in the survey. OR
  3. There were findings in the survey report which are unacceptable to you and which you feel you do not wish to resolve.  Therefore you may cancel the purchase agreement based on the survey findings and receive your down payment back.

How do I book or schedule a C3 Marine survey?

When you've reached the point in your purchase process that you need to schedule a survey, call us anytime to discuss the year, make & model of the boat and the circumstances of your need for a survey.  We'll discuss your timing and the survey fees.  

We will We use a Work Order for all assignments and in our discussion we will ask you to send us an email with the necessary information so we can send you an email with the Work Order attached to lock-in the date and move the process forward.

Contact us early!  We often find ourselves booked out 2 to 3 weeks in advance.