About Us

Choosing a Surveyor

A qualified marine survey, performed by a professionally trained and experienced marine surveyor offers protection for you, your family and friends from a potentially unsuitable or unsafe vessel with both safety and financial implications.

You should feel free to interview the marine surveyor regarding his or her qualifications and experience.  When you decide on your surveyor, you should feel comfortable discussing all aspects of the boat and have a clear understanding of what you can expect in terms of the scope and content of the marine survey.

We are based on the lower Western side of Lake Michigan, in the City of Racine Wisconsin, the center of our coverage area from Chicago to Green Bay and inland to include larger inland lakes.

The principle surveyor and the founder of C3 Marine Services LLC,® Scott D. Schoeler, AMS® has been involved with boats, professionally and as a boat owner for more than 45 years, owning and operating as a Yacht Delivery Captain both sail and power vessels extensively throughout all of the Great Lakes.  In addition, he has personally repaired vessels damaged by fire, collision, accident & storm and factory warranted faults as well as completely rebuilt and customized boats from the hull up.

Mr. Schoeler uses his decades of personal experience, formal education and current continuing education in the field of Marine Surveying, staying on top of current technologies and standards, to remain on the leading edge of survey techniques and provide high value for his clients.

A Member of these Professional Associations:

  • Society of Accredited Marine Surveyor, (SAMS®),  Accredited Marine Surveyor #998
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA®)
  • American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC®)
  • U.S.C.G. Merchant Marine Captain, Inland Masters 50 Gross Tonnes
  • Boat-Check.com® registered Marine Surveyor
  • BoatUS member & member of the Surveyor Referral Service.
  • United States Power Squadrons - Member
  • US Sailing - Member


What's In a name


What does the C3 in our business name stand for?

We are often asked this question.   When founding this service business, the driving principle was that of excellence and consideration was given as to what anyone and everyone  wants and expects when hiring someone.

When hiring someone, for any task or job, there are three important things that we want; three things that we try to make certain of; three things that help make the choice clear if we are hiring the right person.  Those three things are:

  • Competent:  The person must be knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in their field, demonstrating that they know what they are seeing and doing, beyond the obvious, such that their judgment can be trusted. 
  • Complete:  The person must demonstrate in a suitable manor that they will be thorough in all aspects of their work and that they start on time and finish the assignment in every respect. 
  • Communicate:  The person must be able to communicate verbally, in writing and in a timely manner with respect to the specifics of the assignment.

These are the "Three C's" that are the foundation of service excellence.   Thus the name C3 Marine Services.