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C3 Marine is committed to provide the very best in marine surveying services.  

Whether you are looking for a Pre-Purchase or Insurance Survey, Appraisal or Accident Damage Survey or consultation regarding a specific single issue, we are prepared to help.

Marine survey services are provided for Sail and Power vessels constructed of fiberglass or composite, which are 65 feet or less in length.


Spring Has Sprung...the marina is starting to look normal! 

The top photo of the marina was taken on 13 May 2020 and it was sunny but a bit cool at Reef Point Marina in Racine WI.   The marinas around the area are busily launching boats which are showing up here at Reef Point and it's a good sight indeed!  

We are currently conducting surveys and are getting busier each week.   We're hoping this will all be over soon but the reality is that this will likely have some type of ongoing effect on the way we live for some time.  So, in the mean time,  we'll adapt.  We'll find a way to relax on the water and enjoy the boating life.   And some folks are already starting to work on their boats, getting them ready to float as soon as they can!  

We're busy surveying and are currently scheduling appointments.  Our lead time is generally about 10 to 14 days.

When  you feel that you're going to need a survey done, call to get on the schedule.  We will put you on the calendar and lock in the date so you can plan accordingly.  We typically work on a first come, first served basis.

Call today! 

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