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C3 Marine Services offers vessel-in-water deliveries or captain for private functions or assistance.  Deliveries are made to and from any port of the Great Lakes and offered to dealers, brokerage firms and prospective boat buyers who need to relocate a boat and are considering in-water verses truck hauling.


The founder of C3 Marine Services LLC, Scott D. Schoeler, AMS has been involved with boats, professionally and as a boat owner for more than 35 years.  He currently holds a U.S.C.G. Inland Master Mariners license for power and auxiliary sail to 50gt and has an extensive log, making multiple deliveries transiting the Great Lakes.


Captain Schoeler is a non-smoker and uses experienced crew to assist in deliveries for the safest passage.


     Delivery rates are daily and based on the vessel, crew needed, delivery origin and destination.

      We do not charge a daily rate if we are delayed do to weather as we feel it is safer to lay-over until its safe to resume the passage.

     All deliveries are documented with a detailed log and a daily call to the owner when possible.

      Mechanical failures can happen.  We make repairs within our capability, equipment and parts available and make for the nearest safe-harbor marina and contact the owner.  We permit one day per delivery at no daily rate charge.

      The owner is responsible for providing insurance.  At the time the delivery is ordered, a copy of the owners insurance policy Protection and Indemnity page with the effective date, boat information and hired personnel being covered.  Please check with your insurance carrier regarding hiring a U.S.C.G. Licensed Captain and crew will be covered for the delivery.

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