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An engine oil analysis is a simple test to help determine the condition of a boat’s engine.  It is a relatively inexpensive and convenient tool to help determine the condition of the engine without having a mechanical technician disassemble the engine. Test results can help determine if there are any coolant leaks, excessive wear in metal parts and detect the presence of contaminants such as silicon, sodium and water.  The viscosity of the oil is also tested to determine if it is within current parameters. It is commonly used by commercial or heavily used vessels for owners who desire to closely monitor the engines long-term condition. It is also common for recreational vessel owners to establish a base line so that any variances can be quickly detected and remedied. A track record of oil analysis reports is also a good sales tool when it comes time to sell your boat


A small amount of oil is drawn from the engine after the engine has been run up to temperature to insure that the oil and any contaminants are thoroughly mixed. The sample is then sent to a lab for analysis and results are usually obtained in five business days.


Any readings outside normal parameters may call for further investigation of may be a reason to walk away from the potential boat purchase.


One of the best times to take an oil sample is at an oil change, which is almost never at the same time as the survey.  However, as long as the oil is not freshly changed, the results can still be productive.

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