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Boaters are notorious for “doing-it-yourself” projects; and why not.  Self-reliance is an admirable quality among sailors.


There are safety standards and in some cases requirements that affect nearly every facet of construction in the marine industry.  They exist for good reason and your project should and can meet the necessary ABYC, NFPA, CFR and USCG requirements.


C3 Marine Services LLC can consult with you regarding your wiring, plumbing, building and re-fit projects so that when your vessel is surveyed, it will meet the necessary standards and requirements provided that the work was performed correctly.


We can “connect” in a variety of ways.  We consult for the length of the project, specific phases, or by the hour regarding specific issues.  We can visit the vessel on-site of via E-mail, photos & tele-conference.


Ø       An Accredited Marine Surveyor will consult and advise for compliance with ABYC, NFPA, CFR, USCG safety standards.

Ø       Don’t guess. You may waste time and money on a re-fit that won’t be acceptable if a marine survey is required for sale, insurance or financing.

Ø      Don’t risk the safety of your family and friends.  Know it’s done right.

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