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The need for a full Condition and Valuation Survey of the vessel and all its systems may not always be needed.  However, vessels with cored hulls and/or decks, high-tech laminated construction layers and/or low weight structural engineering components should have a periodic inspection to ensure the owner’s peace of mind that the vessel continues to be fit and serviceable.  If a problem is caught early, it will likely be easily repaired but if it is neglected, the repair cost may result in a constructive total loss or worse.


A C3 Marine Services LLC Hull & Deck Only is a focused survey utilizing State-Of-Art equipment and extensive experience to locate potential moisture incursion, delaminating layer and stringer, grid & bulkhead condition.  Only non-destructive testing will be conducted unless core samples are required and permitted.


A Hull & Deck report does not have all the components of a Pre-Purchase Survey and will not be accepted by insurance or finance companies for underwriting purposes.

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