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Buying a boat located in Wisconsin, Illinois or Minnesota, but you live far from the area?  Traveling to “check-it-out” is a long trip and taking time out of a busy work schedule is tough!


C3 Marine Services LLC can be your “eyes-on-site.” We get to the boat quickly, document the vessel with current digital photographs, generate a brief one or two page report and grade the boat per “Buc” used boat rating standards.


The C3 Marine Services LLC “Eyes-On-Site” report will help determine if the boat is worth the time and expense for you to personally see the boat.

The Eyes-On-Site report fee is:

Ø      Under 30 ft in length - $300.00

Ø       From 30 – 35 ft in length - $350.00

Ø      From 36 – 40 ft in length - $400.00

Ø       Over 40 ft by quote.

Ø      Our Pre-Purchase Condition and Valuation survey ordered on the same boat carries a 15% discount when our Eyes-On-Site report was conducted.


An Eyes-On-Site report does not have all the components of a Pre-Purchase Survey and will not be accepted by insurance or finance companies for underwriting purposes.

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