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The request for an “insurance survey” is generally made when your insurance carrier requires a survey of the vessel they insure of have received an application.  The insurance company requires a survey to determine the acceptability of the risk and to confirm the valuation of the vessel.  They are interested in the vessels integrity, compliance with marine industry safety standards and its condition as it relates to the vessels fair market value.


Occasionally we are asked to conduct a survey for the lending institution to satisfy their bank examiners who are interested in verification of their collateral, its condition and value.


If C3 Marine Services LLC surveys your vessel as a Pre-Purchase Condition and Valuation and you proceed with the purchase, additional copies are made available for you to present to your insurance carrier and/or your financial institution.


If your insurance carrier or financial institution is requesting a survey of your boat prior to their renewal, C3 Marine Services will promptly and thoroughly survey your vessel and provide you with necessary copies of the Report.


C3 Marine Services LLC surveys have always met and exceeded the requirements of the insurance carriers and financial institutions we’ve dealt with.  There fore we guarantee that our Pre-Purchase Condition and Valuation Surveys and our Insurance Surveys will be accepted by your insurance / financial institution for underwriting purposes.


Should your survey report be denied, simply ask your underwriter to send a letter to C3 Marine Services LLC stating the reason for denial.  This guarantee covers acceptance of the survey report only.  It does not guarantee that your vessel will qualify for insurance or financing.

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