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The C3 Marine Services Pre-Purchase Condition & Valuation Survey is the most comprehensive and intensive category of inspection. When purchasing a used or NEW vessel, this is the inspection survey recommended throughout the marine industry.  With this survey, the condition and overall operation of the vessel will be examined.  We will inspect the vessel for everything from structural integrity to its cosmetic appearance; from the on-board systems and overall maintenance to sea trial.  It is generally recommended the vessel be inspected both in the water and hauled-out for an inspection of the wetted surface and underwater machinery.


An assessment of the vessels Fair Market Value will be completed through a process of comparable vessels on the market, actual recent sales of comparable vessels, multiple industry value guides, industry depreciation scales and factoring the vessels present condition.


Remember when we are performing this survey for you, we work only for you, we report only to you and no one else.  We are here to protect your interest. 

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